Here we have for you, the first post from Lit-Gig’s latest series ‘AnecQuotes’, where we present to you our members’ takes on their favourite quotes from a variety of movies and books.

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Movie- Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring YOU SHALL NOT PASS boomed the voice of the guardian. Fierce enough to make any man tremble in its wake. But I was no ordinary man. DO NOT THINK OF THIS AS ANY OTHER TEST. NONE SHALL PASS HERE IF THEY ARE NOT WORTHY. Many of the land's bravest warriors had tried to conquer this hurdle. And each had failed miserably. PREPARE TO UNSHEATH YOUR WEAPONS. I kept telling myself the weapon was only as good as it's wielder. And this wielder was the best. Nothing would stop me today. CHALLENGERS, YOU MAY HAVE 3 HOURS ONLY FOR YOUR ATTEMPT . And 3 hours would be plenty. I'd trained my body and mind to complete it in 2, but this wasn't going to be like practice. I couldn't call time out when it got difficult or refer to my manual if I got stuck. There was only one way out of this and it was up to me to decide whether it would be walking out of the dungeon having done the impossible, or dragged away amidst my screams and pleas to let me quit.  YOU MAY BEGIN NOW. This was it. No more looking back. I readied myself, took my stance, and let instinct take over. The hours flew by as I eliminated challenge after challenge. My hands moved without command, as if they were created for this, and only this. I recalled spells and chants with such ease and precision one would think I had invented them myself. ONE HOUR LEFT. This was the most difficult phase of the battle. I was within sight of the end. I could hear it, feel it even. But I had to remain calm. There was still work to be done. Complacency was a warrior's greatest enemy. Fighting against my own emotions, I put my head down and went back to work. 5 MINUTES. BRACE YOURSELVES. The end was nigh. The final line, between boy and man. I entered the hall one among many nervous students, but as I handed in my answer sheet, I walked out with my head held high. I was now a fully fledged mechanical engineer. – Varun Ramadurai #litgig #lsdnitk #writing #writers #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #movies #lotr #quotes #authentic #igwriters #moviequotes #writer

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