1) Prabhjot in Montreal (Mitacs): Getting a Mitacs Scholarship

Mitacs is a scholarship that offers Internship in Canadian Universities. The application portal opens up by the end of July. A minimum CGPA is decided and only students who clear the cutoff are considered. Depending on your profile and interests you are matched with a project offered by a professor in one of the Canadian universities that participate in the program. If your profile aligns with what a professor is looking for, you match and subsequently will receive an internship offer. This matching, however, relies a lot on luck.

The scholarship covers for your entire stay in Canada and even some of the airfare expenses. Having an international exposure after the third year is an exceptional opportunity, and Mitacs is a great medium to avail that opportunity. In case that you do not make it into Mitacs, there are still other similar opportunities including DAAD, NY and so on.

For more details on Mitacs: www.mitacs.ca/en/programs/globalink/globalink-research-internship

2) Shantanu in Texas Instruments (Bangalore): Securing an Internship at Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is an American Firm that manufactures semiconductor devices and integrated circuits and sells these to electronics designers and manufacturers globally. TI is one of the top ten semiconductor companies in the world.

The company offers both software internships and hardware internships in analog design. TI is one of the companies that recruits interns on campus. A pre-decided GPA cutoff determines if you are eligible to sit for the first round, which is a writen test. The subsequent rounds consist of technical interviews and a final HR round, which you must clear to receive an internship offer.

TI gives you a great exposure in the international electronics market. The internship is a great opportunity and if you perform well, you may even receive a pre-placement offer.

For more details about Texas Instruments, visit their website – https://careers.ti.com/india/
If you have any questions for Shantanu, connect with him on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shantanu-sampath-880102146/

3) Tanvi in KPMG: 

To the many whose passion lies beyond engineering, as Tanvi Girinath talks about securing off-campus opportunities and her experience at KPMG. KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies in the world, is a leading provider of risk and financial assignments, business and tax advisories and corporate consulting.

4) Siddarth in HAL: Securing an Internship at HAL

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is an Indian Government owned agency that specializes in Aerospace and Defense. The company is headquartered in Bangalore but has many small offices throughout the country. An internship at HAL is a dream come true for anyone who is interested in Aircrafts and Defense. It also instills a patriotic fervor and makes one feel like they have contributed to the defense of the country. It is an extremely exciting opportunity for anyone interested in core engineering.
An internship at HAL can be secured off campus. There is a somewhat tedious procedure involved, including a police background check but the internship opportunity is completely worth it.
For more details about HAL and careers –

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5) Agnes in Samsung (Software): Securing an Internship at Samsung

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean Multinational Electronics company with headquarters in Seoul. The company has many offices across the world, with the Indian office headquarters in Noida. Samsung is one of the companies that comes on campus for recruitments. There are two rounds of an online test – a logical round and a coding round. This is followed by an interview.
For more details about Samsung and careers –
If you have any questions for Agnes, connect with her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/agnes-sharan-76644422

6) Jayanth in Cisco (Bangalore): Securing an Internship at Cisco

Cisco is an American Multinational Company that deals with Networking and IT. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunication equipment and other related technology and products. Cisco has three rounds of testing before you make the internship. The first round is a math and aptitude test. The second round is a technical interview and the third is a standard HR round.
For more details about Cisco and careers –
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7) Atharva in Germany (DAAD): Securing an Internship under DAAD

DAAD is a scholarship that completely funds a summer research internship in Germany. DAAD requires you to contact the professor and secure an approval from them before you can apply for the scholarship itself. It also requires you to have a minimum GPA of 8.5 enclose certain documents such as a letter of recommendation and a statement of purpose. DAAD is an excellent scholarship scheme and offers an unparalleled international exposure, giving you the opportunity to work with some of the best in the field in an international setting.
For more details about DAAD –

8) Shweta in JNCASR (Bangalore): Securing an Internship at JNCASR

JNCASR fellowships open up in the month of November. On the website, an online form opens up where you have to suggest a unique project idea, in addition to two letters of recommendation from professors. If your idea is accepted, you will have to furnish the institute with further documents such as academic transcripts.

JNCASR offers you a unique opportunity to suggest and work on your own projects, under the supervision of brilliant professors. It offers a great preliminary exposure to research and will help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

For more details about JNCASR – http://www.jncasr.ac.in/
If you have any questions for Shweta, connect with her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/shweta-ganiger-427655164

9) Aparna in Fidelity: Securing an internship at Fidelity

Fidelity Investments is a multinational financial services corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts. They operate a brokerage firm, manage a large family of mutual funds, provide fund distribution and investment advice, retirement services, wealth management, securities execution and clearance, and life insurance. These services are supported by an advanced technological backing with offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Ireland, China and USA.

Fidelity comes for campus recruitment for Full Time Employment and Internship in the month of August. The recruitment procedure has three rounds – an online test, a technical interview and an HR interview.

If you have any questions for Aparna, connect with her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/aparna-menon/

10) Sitara in Philips: Securing an Internship at Philips

Philips is a Dutch Multinational Company headquartered at Amsterdam in Netherlands. Philips mainly focuses on Healthcare products and is one of the largest electronic conglomerates in the world. Securing an internship off campus may seem daunting. Countless unanswered emails and rejected applications are practically normal. In such a situation, persistence and a strong professional network play a key role.
For more details about Philips –

If you have any questions for Sitara, connect with her on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sitara-kumbale-49b42414b

11) Vignesh in Michigan State University: Securing an Internship at Michigan State University

Michigan State University located in East Lansing, Michigan, USA is a top public research university, with a highly talented pool of professors and peers alike.

To secure the internship, you must first email the professor you wish to work under. After considering your request, the professor will conduct a telephonic interview, granting you with the opportunity to explain your area of interest, why you wish to intern under him and previous projects you’ve worked on. If the professor is impressed by your skill set and passion, you will be considered for the internship.

Hard Work is rewarded well at Michigan State University. If the professor is further interested in your work, you may receive an offer to extend your project beyond the summer.

For more details about Michigan State University – https://msu.edu 

12) Gautam at IIT Roorkee | IAS SRFP: Securing an Internship through IAS

The Indian Academy of Sciences conducts the Summer Research Fellowship Program annually, where they offer research internships to motivated students by connecting them with professors having similar interests. The application portal opens up around November. You will have to submit a statement of purpose and a reference contact of any faculty willing to write you a letter of recommendation.

For more details about the IAS SRFP Scheme https://www.ias.ac.in/
If you have any questions for Gautam, connect with him on LinkedIn –

13) Apoorva at Optym (Winter)

Apoorva MK sheds light on the winter she spent interning and learning the tricks of the data science trade at Optym India.

14) Sunitha on Google Women Techmakers Scholarship

Sunitha Selvan who was selected for the Google Women Techmakers Scholarship Program 2018 a prestigious scholarship awarded to foster women in STEM.

Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/selvan-sunitha-ravi-2b912a13a?originalSubdomain=in

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