Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk, NITK’s flagship sports tournament, brought together south India’s best college teams for an exciting weekend of basketball. The tournament was held from February 28th to March 1st alongside NITK’s cultural fest, Incident. 

15 men’s, and 8 women’s teams competed for the Slam Dunk trophies. Teams were divided into groups, with the top two teams of each group progressing to the quarter-final stage. The men’s finals were played between MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology and Sree Kerala Varma College. The match concluded with Sree Kerala Varma College winning with Chacko Simon being named Most Valuable Player. The women’s final was played between NITTE and S.E.S. College, Sreekandapuram. The match ended with S.E.S College winning with Sanika Saju being named Girl’s MVP. Although it was upsetting to see the NITK team get knocked out in the quarters for both events, it was still a very exciting experience for everyone.

After the finals, were the Slam Dunk Contest and the Three Point Contest. The three point contest came down to the wire, with the final being between Vikas from RVCE college and Prabhul Pradeep Kumar, NITK Alumni. Vikas of RVCE came out victorious. The Slam Dunk Contest was won by Abin Sabu from Sree Kerala Varma College.

Spike It!

Pass. Set. Spike! Spike It! Was the volleyball event held during Incident and witnessed adrenaline-filled fast-paced matches as teams from across India battle it out, point by point in the volleyball court. Teams from many colleges came to participate in the event. The boys category had 12 teams competing and the girls category had 7. It was a tough and exciting series of matches but NMAMIT,NITTE managed to come first in both categories. The runners up in the boys category was Alvas college and runners up in the girls category was Kasturba Medical College. The event was indeed an adrenaline filled and exciting experience for not just the players but also the participants.

Haute Couture

Haute Couture is the famous fashion show of Incident. This year 9 teams participated to win the esteemed and reputed competition.The event was held in SAC and was filled with over 300 spectators.There were many interesting themes displayed in the event like 7 deadly sins, Dark romanticism and amazon forest fire, virtues and so on. 

The judge of the event was Aditi Hundia. She started her modelling career with FBB Colours Femina Miss India 2017. After that, she appeared in many modelling shows. In 2018, she won the Miss Supranational 2018 and Miss Diva Universe 2018. She has also appeared in a music video of Armaan Malik, ”Tootey Khaab”. The event was a grand success and the winning team was from KLE Tech Hubli whose theme was ‘Asuras’. The runners up were Team RCACS Blore and their theme was south Indian culture/dance forms. 


Hogathon was the eating contest at NITKs Incident 2020. More than 70 participants competed to win the title. The first round was finishing a packet of Biriyani. Top 25 pairs were picked. Next round involved eating burgers with the special constraint imposed that the team mates had to feed each other. The third round was eating a pizza. Finally, for the grand finale, teams were asked to eat waffles without using their hands. The event was sponsored by Waffle House. The event was loved by everyone and even though some did not qualify for further rounds they expressed their immense and strong support for the finalists. This had to be one of the most loved and enjoyed events of Incident.

Biz Events

There were 3 biz events in Incident 2020

  3. B-PLAN

Crisis Management had the responsibility to draft the event in an informative and competitive manner yet not losing out the fun quotient. Believing that the future managers should be aware of what crisis is all about and also the techniques required to ensure damage control is done right, this event had extensive learning.

Likewise, The Best management event focused on ultimately helping the participants learn, manage and polish their skills. In the world of corruption, scandals and unreliable disclosures, the ability to move mountains and adapt with changing tides have become the need of the hour. Between adrenaline rushes, managing people, brand equity, finances and much more; the event was a complete mixture of opinions, debates and fun.

Further The B- Plan event was all about bringing in unique feasible ideas that could help the general public to remove the gap between the problems and the solutions of the society. The program witnessed successful participation of students across different domains who came up with brilliant ideas.

There was a huge number of participants to the north of 120 and more than 15 colleges participated. It was a great and unique experience for everyone. 

Gaming Events and Fine Arts

The Gaming events for Incident 2020 were a huge success. Loads of games were available like Need for Speed, PUBG,CoD,FIFA and Counter Strike-Global Offensive. Many participants spent a lot of their time at these events and they proved to be a great stress buster. There were 4 fine arts competitions as well- T Shirt painting,Body painting and Newspaper costume design, which garnered a lot of interest and appreciation. There was also the art exhibition, Kalakriti, where jaw dropping art and craft pieces were displayed to showcase and inspire young artists from our college.


The first ever edition of street play at Incident, was named Nukkad. It was held in front of the New Chemical dept and witnessed the participation of 4 teams – NITC, Sahyadri, KMC and NITTE. All the plays revolved around social and political scenarios in India, alcohol abuse, women empowerment, minority issues etc.The teams performed in different languages, Kannada, Hindi, and Malayalam.

NITC got first place and bagged a 15k cash prize along with goodies while Sahyadri got second place and bagged a cash prize of 10k along with goodies. 

Inci Specials

As a part of Inci Specials many fun and engaging shows and performances were set up which managed to engage the audience and improve the already high festive spirit. First off, The World Tour featured Messrs Emilio and Leandro Ponce from The Twin’s Trip, all the way across the oceans from Argentina, who enthralled us with their high energy performances complete with juggling, clowning and visual effects. Next up, we had the Stunt show by team HellRyderz-Mysore as they burnt their tyres and wooed everyone with their jaw dropping stunts! Incident also featured an Auto Expo, the first ever exhibition of old and classic bikes and cars from Lambretta to Jawa and Chetaks to Vijay Super. Finally we also had Ace Adventura, an event filled with fun and engaging games like Mechanical Bull riding, Archery, Sumo Wrestling and Slip Soccer.


Possibly the star events and most awaited events of Incident, the proshows kickstarted with a stand up comedy show by Aakash Gupta, winner of the Season 2 of Comicstaan. He had the audience howling and tearing up with laughter. He graced the inauguration ceremony of Incident 2020. On the first day of the fest, the theme of proshows was fusion night and we had two shows – the first by Thaikkudam Bridge, a Kerala based Indian rock, pop, heavy metal and Reggae band. It was mesmerising how although a major chunk of the population did not understand the language, they were all enthralled and united by the power of music. Immediately after that we had Raghu Dixit, a Indian singer-composer, producer, and film score composer who is the frontman for the Raghu Dixit Project, a multilingual folk music band. His genre was amalgamation of Indian ethnic music and styles from different parts of the world. The audience were so energized and enthralled by his performance. On the second day, we had EDM night with 2 DJs- DJ SEEK and DJ Seezi- whose EDM had the audience dancing all through the night while playing exciting and modern music. On the final day of the fest, with the theme being Bollywood music, we had none other than Salim-Sulaiman performing some of their greatest songs and compositions and ended the fest with the patriotic Chak De India. The audience simply enjoyed the show and danced to every beat and tune while singing along with the music giants.

Here are some of the things NITK students had to say about Incident 2020:

Personally I felt that this year’s incident was amazing!. I enjoyed the proshows alot, and there were alot of other fun activities, like for example the escape room. I think I expected more from events like archery and slip football, just based on visual representation.
All in all incident this year was very good I would say!
Pranav Surendran, First Year IT

Really set the bar high for the next few times. The fusion night and Salim Sulaiman was amazing
From dance shows at SJA to Kalakriti to Slam Dunk it really was an insane fest. Thanks to everyone on the organizing time
Harsh Vardhan Jain, 2nd Year

Incident this year was mind-blowing and those 4 days will definitely be some of the most memorable days of my college life. Fusion night was fantastic and it was amazing to see Salim Sulaiman live. The dance, music and sports events just made the days livelier and exciting. Kudos to the Incident Core Team for organising such an excellent fest.
Meghna Kashyap, 2nd Year