Due to insufficient strength, the following departments will not be offering Minor Programmes:
1) Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics
2) Chemical Engineering
3) Chemistry
4) Civil Engineering
5) Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
6) Mining Engineering

However, the students who have been allotted Minors in the above departments can still join a Minor Programme in the following departments:
1) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
2) Mathematical and Computational Sciences
3) Mechanical Engineering
4) Physics


  1. Fill this form https://iris.nitk.ac.in/form/minorsAllotEx2020 and select a branch in which you are interested.
  2. Fill the form only if you are interested in taking the Minors Program in one of the four departments mentioned. 
  3. The form can be submitted only once, and once submitted, cannot be reverted.

Deadline for Submission: 7 P.M. IST, 28th July 2020