Dimples make people attractive, then have you ever thought what makes a golf ball “attractive”?

Why won’t designers and manufacturers just make a smooth ball, if they wanted to? Give a read to the latest blog, where we discuss the origin of dimples on a golf ball and learn about its fluid mechanics and various other factors which influence it’s designing and making.

Link to the blog: http://linktr.ee/sae_nitk

SAE-NITK is a technical club for the automotive enthusiasts, dealing in projects related to the same. SAE-NITK not only enhances an individual’s technical knowledge but also improves their managerial skills through its events and other activities conducted by the members as a team. Students from all disciplines and backgrounds who have an interest in automobiles and emerging technologies, including electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and autonomous systems, get a platform to learn about the same through relevant projects and experience. Members of SAE-NITK also get a subscription of SAE magazines and their exclusive articles which greatly expand a person’s knowledge and give a more detailed insight into the various sub-fields. The club has a three step recruitment process. The first round is a written test based on concepts used in the working of automobiles, followed by a technical interview and finally an HR interview. Club members are allowed to propose their project ideas and work on them with a bunch of interested members improving their leadership and communication skills along with the technical aspects.