(1) All the final year boys can collect their luggage from college. There’s no deadline for it. But make sure that you mail Hostel Chief Warden, AC Hegde Sir(mail ID’s are provided below the message). Only after getting the permission from chief warden Sir, you are allowed to enter the campus. If there are more number of people who mailed for permission, there may be a delay in granting the permission. Please cooperate with us.

(2) For first, second and third years, if you have a desperate need to come back to college, you need to take the permission from Hostel Chief Warden. You will be allowed to campus only if you get a permission from Chief Warden.

Precautions to be taken
1. To come, wearing mask and gloves.
2.To come only during office hours.
3. It is only to pick the items, not to stay over. Overnight stay will not be permitted.
4. Students should submit a letter addressed to the Prof in charge of Hostels, NITK Surathkal, to be handed over to the hostel CARE TAKER stating of taking your belongings, with abiding to pay dues, if any.

To seek the permission, an email has to be sent to the following e-mail IDs: acrhegde@gmail.com, with a copy to: nitksh4800@gmail.com.

Note: Students have to make sure they get a confirmation mail before coming to college.

Hostel Advisory
NITK Surathkal