“If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed”,
Mel Robbins

With the cheers of the roaring crowd in the background, 3000 and more individuals, both students and staff, uniform in yellow ran for a cause, side by side. January 12th, 2020 witnessed both the largest student-organized marathon and the determination of these students of NITK to make this event, The NITK Karavali Marathon their best event yet.

The NITK Karavali Marathon is an annual marathon organised by the NITK Alumni Association, backed by the Rotaract Club, Students’ Council, TaskForce, NCC, NSS and CSD NITK Surathkal. This marathon held in NITK, helps promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage individuals of all age groups, both students, staff, participants from within and outside India to stay active. It also serves as a platform to create a sense of social awareness within the campus as well as the people of the Karavali region. Flaunting a record of 3000+ participants, The Karavali Marathon held its fifth edition on the 12th of January, 2020 and in addition to promoting #FitIndiaMovement, this edition will drive awareness to the theme “Combat Climate Change” 

This marathon comprised of the full marathon category of 42.2 kilometres along with the half marathon of 21.1 kilometres as well as the 10, 5 and 3 kilometre runs. The 3 km run was also known as the fun run, as it was completely free of cost and was an opportunity for anyone who wanted to run just for fun and helped promote fitness.

The unique feature of the run is that the part of marathon trail is on the scenic NITK Surathkal beach, along the beach side temple and lighthouse

The NITK Karavali Marathon 2020 will be a special edition as part of NITK Diamond Jubilee year celebration with International Athlete, Arjun awardee Arjun Devaiah as the marathon ambassador and Ms Krishnaa Bhat, the Official Marathon Crusader. 

Known as the Spirit King, Mr Arjun Devaiah is one of the first Kodava and only person in the Indian history to hold both these records (National Record holder in 4X 100 meters and 4X400 meters) at one single time and shifted his path from Athletics for youth empowerment, development and poverty eradication.

As one of the initiatives along with a successful Beach Clean-up, the NITK Karavali Marathon team has taken up GREEN ADOPTION, where we will try and inculcate green habits among students of primary school through interactive learning methods and aids provided to us by our NGO partner APD.

As of now, 3 schools have been adopted:

>Vidyadayinee English Medium School

>NITK English Medium School 

>Holy Family School

Another initiative taken up by the Karavali Marathon team to combat climate change was setting up segregated bins and increasing awareness about segregated bins where waste is segregated to the dustbin at the source. The NITK campus further promotes climate change by being a plastic free campus. 

This run aims to instil a sense of awareness to the youth in hopes of empowering them to be bold to stand up for the common social matters and encourage them to follow a lifestyle where staying fit is a preferred option. It aims to increase health consciousness amongst the youth of the country as well as the locals of the Karavali region and demonstrate the importance of running in our daily lives. 

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live
Jim Rohn