Well, if you stumbled upon this article because the title sounded weird/funny then yayy! I have been successful in catching your attention. This might sound insane but Dalgona Coffee indeed did teach me a lesson.

I’m all up for the latest fads and Dalgona Coffee is topping the charts. So, yesterday evening, I decided to give it a try. It’s quite simple you know (according to what I saw on Instagram and YouTube). You take 2 spoonfuls of coffee powder, sugar, and water (the three magic ingredients) and a little bit of hope (trust me, it’s very much needed if you don’t wanna end up leaving your Dalgona Coffee unfinished) and, finally you whip them all together. So as instructed, I started whipping, whipped for quite some time and still couldn’t achieve the desired froth. The mixture looked the same and  I was like “ugh, I am done”. My mom came and told me to keep trying and that it will work. Looking at the mixture’s condition I still couldn’t believe that it would work and get that perfect frothy coffee from it. It looked very dead to me. But since mom reassured me and I had also seen people’s photos of the finished product I thought, yeah, maybe it could work and that I should keep trying with greater hope . And there I go again mixing, whipping, mixing. I saw some bubbles rising up, still not even close to what I had seen. I got tired, rested for a bit and then again, back to mixing with my forehead perspiring (hopefully nothing fell in the mixture). Well, I am just kidding, it wasn’t that tiring. After working around 30 minutes on mixing and whipping, I finally got that perfect whipped coffee (woohoo). By the way, if you are thinking about the waste of time this has been and that you should have watched a video on preparing Dalgona Coffee instead, hold on, I didn’t intend to teach you that. The YouTube videos can definitely do it better for sure.

As the title suggests  “A Lesson from Dalgona Coffee”, I plan to share my lesson.

The lesson is in the process. Still don’t get it? Don’t worry, I will elaborate but before that I’ll first provide the analogies.
Making Dalgona Coffee is like working for your goals.
The YouTube/Instagram videos are the means of achieving the goals.

The pictures posted by the people signify your ideals (the people who have achieved their goals).
Mom here signifies the motivators in our life (friends, family, mentors)

“Okay, but I still don’t understand the lesson? What is it?”

People set goals either on their own or by getting inspired by other people. They are enthusiastic towards their goals and put in great efforts in the beginning and right after that, they expect to see the results (Well, my friends, results don’t materialize that fast). It’s very easy to get demotivated when you don’t get what you want. That’s where these motivators play an important role. It could be anyone really-your family, friends, or even that random dude on the internet. It doesn’t matter because all you need is a little push. People decide to quit because they start believing that certain things are unachievable. Why? (because they are lazy, they don’t believe in themselves and several other reasons)

It always seems impossible until it’s done
Nelson Mandela

The key is not to stop and the world will be yours. 

To be honest, the coffee wasn’t worth the effort. So here’s my final message to it:

Hey, Dalgona it was nice to meet you, I learned quite a few lessons from you, but I hope we don’t cross paths again.