Gazing longingly at the open streets, his friends lying along the sidewalk, the sun setting in the horizon, Bittu looks to his master once again, “Aren’t you gonna take me for a walk at this golden hour?”. Master and his kids hadn’t gone to work or school for over a month, but Bittu had no complaints, he had them at home all day, all the attention and all the belly rubs he could possibly want! Every evening, he’d run around the house on his tippy tappy feet, waiting to be taken out for a walk so he could meet his friends, but to no avail. Master would have his chai and retreat back to his office room, and Bittu would find himself on the doorstep again, looking expectantly at the outside world. 

Lookout for your furry friends, out on the streets with no one to take care of them during this lockdown. Feed them, befriend them, and you’ve got a friend for life!