Course Registrations are open on IRIS now. All the students are requested to complete the registration process via IRIS.

Important Points:

  1. Course registration is linked with fee payment.
    a) For Online payment, course registration is enabled automatically on the successful transaction of the fee amount.
    b) For Offline payment (non-loan) mode, the Accounts Section/MIS will have to approve your Offline Transaction.
    c) For Loan cases, Loan Undertaking has to be signed by the student before course registration is enabled for them.
  2. For issues regarding course registrations, courses floated please contact your Class Representative, they shall convey it to the respective Dept. authorities and MIS Officers (
  3. The mandatory courses are included by default in the course list, mandatory courses cannot be removed.
  4. When adding a course from the list make sure to check the tentative time table displayed for clashes of scheduled hours. You may add clashing courses at your discretion, considering all the possibilities.
  5. You can Delete a course from the selected electives and Click Register before the course is approved by the course instructor and before the deadline. Please note that clicking Register again does not affect your chances of getting a course as no timestamp is displayed to faculty.
  6. To Drop a course after approval, the student has to contact the respective course instructor who shall then update the same on IRIS.
  7. The course instructor may choose to approve the registrations based on any criteria he/she wishes. However, the time or order of registration is not provided to the course instructor for this purpose as the list follows a random shuffle order.
  8. Kindly be aware that the course instructor may choose to perform the approval process even before the course registration deadline.