On Saturday, 25 July 2020, ACM NITK held its annual project expo. This time, due to the pandemic, the entire Expo was a virtual one. Project expo at NITK is a big day for exclusive clubs. The entire building becomes a massive swarm of students and professors who keenly observe the projects that are done. For ACM, projects are highly imperative. Thus, in order to have the feel of a typical NITK project expo, we had to innovate to make it as interactive as possible. 

This year, our members have worked on a vast array of topics catering to the product as well as research aspects, ranging from nanotechnology to cryptography. It was vital for us to provide an experience that was personal as well as make sure the learning keeps going on. Hence, we created meeting rooms in Google Meets and then set one hour slots so that interested participants attending our Expo could talk directly with all the project members and learn more. The participants could “walk” around and view the projects. 

We presented a total of 28 projects across our four Student Interest Groups; Kaaryavarta, Sanganitra, Vidyut and Yantrika.


Kaaryavarta is the commerce, business and marketing SIG of ACM NITK. Kaaryavarta had seven projects which mainly pertain to the analysis of various economic issues. These covered recent economic issues like the NBFC crisis, the Indian economy slowdown and the Trade War between USA and China. The other things that were covered were cryptocurrency and advertising. Kaaryavarta also featured 2 data science projects related to predicting gold, petrol and even the returns of a portfolio.


Sanganitra is the SIG that is purely dedicated to Computer science and its applications. Sanganitra presented six projects that stretched across various domains in the SIG like Cryptography, Systems, Machine Learning, Web Development etc. We sought to tackle various problems in Cybersecurity, biometrics, image recognition etc.


Vidyut is the SIG which has a broad interest in electronics and robotics. 

Vidyut projects had a variety of problems tackled across a vast range of topics like IoT and embedded systems, Deep learning, Computer Architecture, and Robotics. The seven projects sought to build conceptual understanding as well as find meaningful applications in the real world.


Yantrika is the SIG that caters to the fields of Mechanical, Civil, Chemical and Material Science engineering. Yantrika did a total of 8 projects this year and covered a broad spectrum of projects in the core domain. Projects ranging from Computational Fluid Dynamics, robotics, Mechanical design, nanotechnology and chemical engineering were undertaken and successfully completed.

We strongly believe in continuing traditions at ACM, and the project Expo was a way for us to show that as a club we can come together irrespective of the situation and keep our activities and our learning going as brilliantly as always.

Link: https://nitk.acm.org/expo

Brief Info: ACM NITK is a student chapter of the world largest educational and scientific computing society, the Association for Computing Machinery. At ACM NITK, we have five special interest groups - Sanganitra (specializes in fields including but not limited to Computer Vision, Software Development, Machine Learning and Big Data), Vidyut (specializes in fields including but not limited to Robotics, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and Machine Learning), Yantrika (specializes in fields including but not limited to Aerospace Engineering, Robotics, Automobile Engineering, Bio-Chemical Engineering, Structures and Materials), Kaaryavarta (specializes in fields including but not limited to Business, Finance, Economics and Marketing) and Saahitya (specializes in fields including but not limited to Literature, Philosophy and History). ACM NITK plans and organizes a wide range of events that include technical workshops, guest lectures, online events and various other competitions at NITK, throughout the year. ACM NITK also works on various projects to encourage learning and contribution to society.