It’s the start of the pandemic and while we all rush home, these animals don’t have one. 

While we panic about taking care of ourselves, all they know is that the person that fed them every morning is not there anymore. 

While most of us lay under the comfort of our family, these starving animals crawl under the back of the car, snuggling themselves close to the wheel, anything to feel even a little bit of warmth. 

These animals could go days without eating, but will still come running up to us, tails wagging, rolling on the floor, anything for a belly rub. 

They can’t talk, they can’t tell us how they feel, they don’t know what’s happening, they’re innocent animals, caught up in this world trying to survive each day. 

With the ongoing situation, we’re all struggling. Let’s try to remember that they are too. 

Don’t hurt them when you walk along the street. Try feeding them if you are comfortable with it. 

Even if you can’t do much, try contacting local Animal care NGO’s and donating any amount. A small step for us will go a long way for them.

These animals deserve care and love, just as we all do. 

Let’s not forget this adorable community of our furry friends. 

They too deserve a little bit of kindness.