March feels like an eternity ago. Yet, we can still hear that morning siren of college as if we were there just yesterday. It was only about a day ago that we had rushed to classes and skipped breakfast, or bought a coffee to keep us going after an overnight assignment. There’s sand in our footwear lying in college even now.

Some of us are scared of going out, some of us have gotten over it, some of us have – well, gone through it. We’re all in a rocking boat, sitting on the edge; afraid of falling into the water but also watching people fall and try to get back on. If I say that these are hard times, you’ll probably think, “No shit, Sherlock.”

Anxiousness and worry are constant emotions. People we know are falling sick, dying, or losing family members. You know what’s another constant through this whole scenario? Us. We’re all in this together. Everyone seems to be in need of a warm hug and a pat on the back. Or maybe just a walk with somebody next to you that you probably can’t touch but it’s the presence that matters the most, it’s the hand next to you that you can rely on even if you can’t hold.

We’ve started getting out now. But more of us have also started falling sick. The idea that we can get through it easily, is quite wrong. It’s not just a physically draining disease but also a mental and emotional rollercoaster. You’re surrounded by questions starting with how, who and whatif. We have also crossed the point where the person could have prevented getting the virus in any way, and even if they seemed slightly careless, it is not right to judge anybody during these conditions. We have no clue who is going through what, and it’s our responsibility to treat people right.

So check in with somebody you know isn’t doing well, if possible. Call the person you know is in need of help, go for a stroll with your uncle who sounds distraught and reach out to that neighbour that can’t buy groceries for themselves now. There’s about a million things to be done if you catch the disease. If you can’t help in any way else, send them wholesome videos and make them smile maybe. Every little bit counts.

It might be a tough time, but tougher is the strength in unity, stronger is the feeling of love. Now is the time to care for and it is also the time to reach out if you need help without hesitation.

This too, shall pass. We just need to stay together until it does.