We would like to congratulate our members Pavan Vachhani, K Rahul Reddy and Prakriti Goyal for successfully completing Google Summer of Code, 2020.

Pavan Vachhani, Ruby

The project is focused on “Adding functionality of add/remove gem owners via Web UI”. The aim of this project was ensure frictionless management of ownerships without setting up CLI. This project also helped continue maintaining gems by pointing interested users to gems which need maintainers and reviving unmaintained ones.

Link: https://vachhanihpavan.github.io/2020-08-21-gsoc-2020-final-report/

K Rahul Reddy, OpenStreetMap

OSM’s main search engine Nominatim does not support search suggestions. This project is about setting up such a search suggester by comparing various alternative implementations like Elasticsearch, Solr. These suggesters set up indexing to facilitate quick suggestions to the users. An API endpoint and UI support have been set up for suggestions.

Link: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/krahulreddy/diary/394064

Prakriti Goyal, CRIU

Initially, Criu’s logging was done using the printf family functions. These functions take significant amount of time to process and produce output. This project focused on optimizing the logging engine by introducing the binary log facility that reduces the time consumed by these functions.

Link: https://prakritigoyal19.github.io/gsoc2020-criu/

IE NITK congratulates all NITK students who successfully completed Google Summer of Code, 2020

IE NITK aims to enhance the technical expertise of its members and the student community while acknowledging the importance of fine arts and social work.