Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

While most of us are worrying  about staying awake for online classes and often undergo intense sessions of fomo and breakdown constantly missing our college memories, M.Tech, PhD and research scholars in the span of just days had to abandon their long term planned research projects and come back home, all plans made for their future now not certain anymore. 

Their projects are on a halt, especially those projects that do require the use of college labs have no means or possibilities of moving forward. These students have their anxieties spiralling as they try to figure out their next step in life. 

I am sceptical on choosing my area of interest (which might be put on hold due to an impractical research work environment). I might have to end up doing something for the sake of completing my MTech project. Even if we all were called back to college I am unsure of how the situation will favour the research works within the given time frame.


Most of these research scholars are extremely unsure of what their next step is going to be, their chosen topic of interest is now wavering and depending on how the situation pans out. 

Some of the research students haven’t been able to complete their planned internships as well. 

All the work got delayed, we couldn’t do planned internships and we are not well informed about project proceedings. There are issues now since we’re not connected with everyone as compared to how the situation was at college.


PhD students, after years of dedicated and consistent hard work, find that their opportunities have disappeared suddenly. Some of them were in the last stages of completion while others were ongoing with their lab work and research developing over the years.  All their days of working tirelessly and continuously now all seemingly gone to decay. Many students also have left their research notes or required devices back in college expecting to go back within a short amount of time post the initial lockdowns.  

Most PG students also haven’t had core placement as of yet. Placements are where they usually have to talk about their project and receive questions based on their project as well, but considering that their projects are on a halt and not moving forward, and topics of projects are still unsure, this is another worry keeping them awake at night. 

Placements are a place where they ask a lot about our MTech major project. But I don’t even have one to talk about as nothing is finalised/approved yet.


Working from home doesn’t give a good atmosphere to carry out research work. There are several factors that divert us and keep us away from focusing on research. It would be better to have someone nearby to guide regarding research work. We  have many doubts in our new work but it’s not possible to annoy someone by asking doubts every now and then through texting or calling. Direct contact would be better rather than contacting over phone.

Research Scholar

Scholars who don’t require much lab use and who do computational work are quite comfortably working in their homes as compared to the others. 

Project guides are sceptical too and afraid to make suggestions as they too are at a situation where not much can be done. 

Their main and unanswered question is will they get an extension on their projects or will they have to put interest and plans aside and scramble to finish a project in these circumstances. 

Here’s to hoping that everything gets better for these students and the current situation calms down with time. 

Stay home, Stay safe.