The lockdown imposed on grounds of social distancing due to the current pandemic has forced all schools and college to close. Classes are now held online for students throughout the world. This change affects students in many ways. Regular studies are interrupted and they suffer  both psychologically and emotionally. 

With study routines becoming chaotic and focus being diverted, the students exhibit lowered enthusiasm and hence poor performance. There is a significant increment when it comes to stress and anxiety found among students over the last few months. The online system of education is devoid of proper structure and facilities enjoyed by students at home is unlike that in schools or colleges. They are unable to do practical experiments as part of their study and involve in study groups or any form of interactive study.

We are living an isolated life where we can’t enjoy our weekends with our friends and share our emotions like we were able to before. Students are spending all their time on mobile phones for the sake of classes, assignments as well as entertainment.

The current situation forces us to spend most of our time on electronic gadgets. This takes away the time we get to socialize in person and leads to lowered self esteem levels as well physical discomfort.

Parents should be encouraged to support their children during this difficult time and help them adopt a structured routine. They can also help them get out of a rut and motivate them to pursue productive activities like reading, exercising or anything creative like playing an instrument, painting or learning a new skill.

We should  try to keep ourselves positive and communicate in case of distress even if it is through various virtual means and share our emotions because when we empty our emotions, we may  feel better. We should also support and be kind each other during this pandemic as we may not know what one is going through  during this difficult time.