Greetings from ACM-W NITK!

Celebrate with us our first anniversary – Resurgence sponsored by MyWays!
We’ve got an amazing bunch of events lined for all of you, ranging from quizzes to design to coding with prizes worth 12k.

Carpe Diem – Show the world your prowess
Girls, share your experiences about building technical products and projects, learning a new technology or any technical contributions in this contest.

Think-Bots- Does your gray matter?
A technical quiz on some of our greatest contributors to tech who overcame engineering roadblocks and social stigma to stamp their names in a patriarchal industry. Open to all!

RecHERsion 2.0 – Bits, please!
Brush up your technical knowledge, and get ready to test your problem solving skills in our all girls coding contest.

Kreation – Fillet the edges, rib the sketches
Showcase your designing skills and build products to tackle issues faced by women using CAD. Open to all!

Pedestal – Engage. Enlighten. Empower.
Go live with accomplished women in technology as they educate and inspire you by sharing their journey and experiences.

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Brief Info: ACM NITK is a student chapter of the world largest educational and scientific computing society, the Association for Computing Machinery. At ACM NITK, we have five special interest groups - Sanganitra (specializes in fields including but not limited to Computer Vision, Software Development, Machine Learning and Big Data), Vidyut (specializes in fields including but not limited to Robotics, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and Machine Learning), Yantrika (specializes in fields including but not limited to Aerospace Engineering, Robotics, Automobile Engineering, Bio-Chemical Engineering, Structures and Materials), Kaaryavarta (specializes in fields including but not limited to Business, Finance, Economics and Marketing) and Saahitya (specializes in fields including but not limited to Literature, Philosophy and History). ACM NITK plans and organizes a wide range of events that include technical workshops, guest lectures, online events and various other competitions at NITK, throughout the year. ACM NITK also works on various projects to encourage learning and contribution to society.