Our goal at Web Enthusiasts’ Club NITK is to promote computer science and expand the open-source culture at NITK through various initiatives in the form of talks, workshops, demonstrations, etc, open to anyone interested. 

Continuing from an eventful academic year of 2018-19, we organized a series of events and initiatives over the past year. 

CP League

The Competitive Programming League is a series of contests and sessions aimed at discussing various algorithms and data structures. The event targets students who want to ace coding tests and interviews during placement season. It provides a platform to discuss problems, get your doubts cleared and get tips from seniors on how to improve. Five sessions were conducted, on various topics ranging from sorting and searching to dynamic programming.

CTF League

A series of sessions where various areas of Cybersecurity are discussed. The League also gives an introduction to the Capture The Flag(CTF) competitions. CTF games often touch on many other aspects of information security: cryptography, steganography, binary analysis, reverse engineering, mobile security, and others. Demonstrations of various hacks like by-passing login pages, cracking programs, sniffing network packets, and breaking ciphers are done throughout the series. A Winter CTF League was also conducted where online sessions were conducted throughout the winter.


A women’s hackathon where women teams come up to the forefront and participate in coding events. Through this 24 hour hackathon, we aimed to promote programming and create a coding culture amongst the women in college. The event was conducted around the theme “Me for Society” where teams came up with innovative web/mobile solutions.

Intern 411

A unique document prepared by Web Enthusiasts’ Club NITK aimed at helping students with internship test preparation and doubts on cover letters, along with giving a comprehensive overview of various internships and the application procedures.
The document is written by seniors who were interns at top software companies like Google, Microsoft, Intuit, etc and those who have secured top research internship positions through programs like MITACS, DAAD, SN Bose, etc., and have had a first-hand experience of the process along with some of the best insights regarding the same. It consists of a full-fledged Coding Interview Preparation Procedure, a list of Important DSA topics, Recruitment Format, Rules to be followed during the on-campus interviews, and some additional pointers. A brief guide to Off-Campus Internships in research and industry is also included.