NITK isn’t just an institute. It is our home for four long years, and then forever has a home somewhere within us. It is a place that we feel deeply connected to and proud to be associated with. Here, we have had the time of our lives. And it has transformed us. 

Despite the current situation taking a toll on us, we are sure everyone has some fond memories of such times. During your time in college, we are sure you were part of a team, a committee or a club to which you must have contributed immensely . For many, this time has unfortunately been cut short. But for many more – we know what it feels like, even if we aren’t done with our time there yet. And we can’t wait to get back to our second home.

We, NITKRacing, are no different.

This is where we had taken birth, back in 2010, and this is the institute we always strive to make proud. NITKRacing has always been blessed to have a well-esteemed position within the student fraternity, as well as our alumni. This support drives every member to put their best foot forward in each endeavour.

The Reality

But we have struggled, we have made mistakes. This is not a marketing article, this is just what has happened. Things have gotten better over the years. We have been able to regroup and figure out ways to deal with the problems we have faced. This year, we have expanded and an Electric Vehicle Team has been established, with a planned development phase of 2 years at the end of which we aspire to be competition ready. This project is currently in the design and analysis phase. 

It is well known how the COVID-19 pandemic has made financial capital scarce, and it has been quite a daunting task for the Marketing division to raise funds through corporate and industry sponsorships, as enterprises themselves are scrambling to hold on to resources. In these troubled economic times, we need the support of the student and alumni community more than ever.

Yours in gratitude,
Raahul Ravichander,
Team Captain,
Ph: +917259159980

Please use the link below if you wish to support the team:

NITKRacing is the Formula Student team of NITK, Surathkal.