The Google Summer of Code (GSoC), known to many, is a global level program which is conducted by Google on an annual basis to promote free and Open-Source software. This program was also organized with the main aim to encourage and inspire young developers to begin participating in open source development. The students are paired with mentors from open source organizations to work on a programming-intensive project. This year, the GSoC program will run from June – August 2020. 

NITK has been ranked
4th globally in the list of schools with the most accepted students for GSoC 2020.

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Over the past three years, since 2018, there has been a voluntary and organized effort led by Dr. Mohit P. Tahiliani, Department of Computer Science and Engineering and interested students from various departments to structurally plan out Open Source activities in the Institute.


More details about GSoC 2020 are available at: