In the past year, we have been through unprecedented times due to the pandemic. However, BNR has been able to leverage technology and work as a team and 

following months of late nights, hard work and determination, we are proud to introduce our new ATV, BNR Vega. Vega, meaning force or impulse, is an embodiment of BNR’s desire to create an impact through innovation. Our team’s constant hustle through the pandemic has culminated in this roaring beast, which has been represented as the Taurus in our revamped logo.

BNR Vega can touch a top speed of 55 kmph, an improvement from our previous BNR Destiny 2.0, which had a top speed of 53 kmph. BNR Vega can pull off a maximum torque at the wheel of 573.3 Nm. The ATV has a maximum acceleration of 6.64 m/s^2, which is a substantial improvement from 2.92 m/s^2 a year ago.

Our ATV has achieved a ground clearance of 350 mm, which is perfect for rough terrains. It also has a stopping distance of 5.16 metres, which improves the safety of the drive. Our team has also managed to achieve a wheelbase of 1500 mm which is the way to go for harsh terrains.

The Virtual Baja event is one of the major events that happen in the calendar year and we have spent months preparing for this opportunity to showcase our pride. The event consisted of a presentation and then a short Q n A session. The presentation went as planned and the team members presented their work without a hitch. The main objective of the presentation was to give a detailed analysis on how we have improved the ATV, ensuring it had better technical features and at the same time was cost effective too. The team made a decision not to go for an All-Wheel Drive this year, which meant that we were essentially giving up 5 points, but we made sure that the presentation was executed flawlessly in order to gain the maximum points possible. We finished the presentation right on time and the judges were very impressed with it. They were especially interested in our Design Failure Mode and Element Analysis and asked a few questions pertaining to Vehicle Dynamics, to which our team responded as required. The second part of the event was an online quiz, in which our team performed exceptionally well. All in all, the team was very satisfied in how the event progressed. We finished with a rank of 35 out of 150 teams, and finished in the top 4 of the NITs that participated.

Our focus is now on the upcoming Baja event, the race, that determines if the ATV performs and delivers on the rough and rocky terrain.This year, the Baja event will be simulated online giving us an opportunity to learn how to model our whole car using software, in a never before seen Virtual Baja Dynamic test. We at BNR are confident that we’ve designed a machine with great potential.

Stay tuned to our social media handles for more information about the upcoming event!

The off-road racing team of NITK comprising of Btech undergraduates who build and race ATVs at the annual SAE BAJA India event.