What do you miss?
Is it the pure bliss of living in a place
Where the sound and view of waves
Splashing to the shore is just a walk away?
Is it the sense of belongingness to this place
And the sense of pride in being an NITKian?
Is it the cosy hostel rooms where you can
Sleep anytime and wake up anytime?
Is it the morning jogs and evening walks
To the beach each time
You suddenly turn health conscious
Or just have an emotional turmoil?
Is it that long chit chat sessions with friends
At SD, OP, Nandini and F & H
which always last until
The Bhaiyya or Akka starts staring at you?
Is it the joy, laughter and
Celebrations with our people?

What do you miss?
Is it those euphoric Inci nights
when your feet never touched the floor?
Is it the better view
Of the life it provided?
Is it your very own self which was indeed
Moulded by the experiences at NITK?
Is it the colours
That it added to our lives?
Is it the sense of living in the moment,
Learning to accept failures and then
Rising up from the crack to a better life
All alone which this place taught me to?
Is it the sense of freedom, independence
And safety this place provided?
Is it the deep late night talks ?
Isn’t it the tiny happy everyday things?

Sreelakshmi S (NITK MBA’20)