Neeramitra Reddy is a software engineer at Flipkart. In college, he was famous for bodybuilding, nutrition, and working out. After the COVID-19 outbreak, Neeramitra Reddy also got into the habit of writing regularly on Medium. He is currently an 11x Top Writer on Medium. In this article, Neeramitra Reddy will share his experiences in both domains and also give advice to juniors who wish to follow in his footsteps.

“I started going to the gym around 11th grade but it was more of a hobby rather than a dedicated passion of mine. Back in school, I never had any inclination to write – having just indulged in a couple of short stories. I was however an avid reader and spent many an hour completely engrossed in books of all genres. After entering college, there was no sudden change, I maintained my habits of the past without any extreme changes. It was only after my first semester that I decided to properly care about my health, looks, and physical wellbeing. This happened after I suddenly came to realize that I was overweight (I have written about my experiences on trying to lose fat and facing a lot of hardships, here). In my second year, I began working out properly but did not pay as much attention to my diet. However, working out consistently instilled upon me a sense of discipline and persistence, unlike anything I ever experienced before. Around this time, I also actively began writing on Quora. The topics I mostly covered were related to fitness. I also began reading a lot about finance, stock market, and the power of compounding – thus greatly broadening my mental horizons. I enjoyed sharing my wisdom on what I knew and what I learned. This was probably the start of my passion in writing.

On entering my third year, I changed my hostel, and being with a new friend group, I was able to keep a stricter watch on my diet. As I began noticing changes in my physique, I was also afraid of returning to my older self and this fear was a powerful motivator to keep pushing forward. I also gained the ability to correctly estimate the calories in everything I ate. The only metric I religiously tracked however was protein. I continue to track this even today. I began to witness tremendous changes and people around me were greatly impressed by my gains. I felt pleased with the transformation but at the same time didn’t want to be complacent. My advice to juniors who are going on this journey is to focus on consistency over anything else as it reigns supreme. Do not take sleep for granted – it is quite easily one of the most underrated factors to good health. You cannot rely completely on the food given in the mess so getting used to making your own food is a good practice. It also arms you with useful skills which will help you later on in life. On a final note on this topic, I would urge all readers to not focus solely on this and let go of other pursuits and endeavors. I made the mistake of focusing completely on bodybuilding without joining any other clubs and creative engagements. Always try to incorporate gym in the morning for this sole purpose. You can check out my article on medium regarding the same here.

Coming to writing, it initially began as a commitment to put out content that I believed would greatly benefit my readers. Back then I did not know that Medium would pay its writers. I wrote for the fun of writing and putting my word out into the world. Despite not having a sudden initial growth, my experience with fitness had taught me to focus on consistency and persistence. There was a steep learning curve with respect to writing and as I wrote more I began to learn more as well. I really love challenging myself and continuously improving my game. This enabled me to keep pushing and strive to become an extremely popular writer. I eventually wrote my first viral article and began to understand how it worked. This enabled me to construct and create articles that would be viral, garner more views and claps. All these tangible results which I could see in front of my eyes motivated me to keep moving forward. I also set up payment and began earning for my writing as well. I soon started getting the honour of Top Writer on Medium and have since then received the honour 11 times. It reinstills my belief as a writer and helps me know that my efforts are being noticed and commended.

I intend to continue working out, body building, and writing for the years to come. In 2 to 3 years I will peak with respect to my bodybuilding endeavors and will then focus on maintenance. I have big plans for my future and both these hobbies will play an important role in them. All in all, I enjoy playing games where there is no final end goal. Many of these hobbies can extend indefinitely with infinite level-ups. Before concluding this narrative I would ask my readers to go through these 2 articles which would greatly explain my journey, motivation and hopefully broaden your outlook. These articles can be found here and here. I am really excited about what the future has to bring and am looking forward to achieving as much as possible during my time. Feel free to contact me on Medium or Linkedin if you would like to learn more, have questions, or want to have a conversation.”