To rise from the ashes, the phoenix must first burn.

Coming to the end of a nerve-wracking and stressful year that we have still managed to make so productive by ensuring that we constantly grew, the NITK Toastmaster Club’s Editorial Team is here to reward us. Missed the fun, want to know what we do or wonder how happy we’d be to have you join us? We have got you covered. Capturing our accomplishments, celebrations and smiles all at once, we present to you Pratibimb; Volume 4, Edition 1…our newsletter for July to December 2020, FROM ASHES!!!

Our talented Toastmasters have written beautiful pieces that are bound to leave you thinking for long. So sit back, relax and dive into the world of creativity with NITK Toastmasters Club.

Here are the ones behind this awesome edition:

TM Sharan Venkatesh(4th year BTech, Chemical Engineering)
TM Rahul Hanchate(3rd year BTech, ECE)
TM Adithya Kannan(3rd year BTech, EEE)
TM Kriti Shukla(3rd year BTech, Mechanical engineering)
TM Dwija Bagwe(2nd year BTech, CSE)
TM Harsha Dsouza(4th year BTech, Chemical Engineering)

Dive right in by clicking on the link below! (Best when viewed on pc)